Why Visit?

Visit the Annual Destination for LNG, Gas, Hydrogen and Ammonia Industries

The China Energy Summit & Exhibition will gather over 3,000 esteemed professionals spanning across the energy value chain.

China Energy Summit & Exhibition will feature a diverse array of over 100 exhibiting companies from across 50 countries. From NECs and IECs to EPCs and innovative solutions providers, this event is your gateway to identifying cutting-edge business opportunities. Navigate a curated landscape to source the latest products, services, solutions, and technologies, all while engaging with industry peers. Immerse yourself in an environment tailored for discovering technological advancements, strengthening existing partnerships, and fostering new connections. China Energy Summit & Exhibition awaits as your ideal platform for growth and collaboration in the energy sector.

Three Reasons You Must Visit China Energy Summit & Exhibition


Discover various products, solutions, and technologies from 50+ exhibitors representing LNG, gas, hydrogen, and ammonia value chain.


Engage with over 2,000 energy professionals who are actively seeking meaningful conversations and collaborations with a community committed to fast-tracking energy transition and achieving net zero. 


Check out the free-to-attend Innovation Theatre, where a diverse range of expert speakers will share industry knowledge and innovations that support industry-wide decarbonisation efforts. 



"China Energy Summit & Exhibition is a legacy in China’s LNG industry. It provides a platform for all the market participants to exchange ideas to see how we can really play into a decarbonisation world with a sustainable development of the LNG industry."


"From this energy summit, it is evident that the world needs to continue to gain access to affordable and sustainable energy. This platform has also brought about thought leaders and industry players that share their plans and approach towards decarbonising the energy system at scale in the long term."


"We have participated in China Energy Summit & Exhibition for 6 consecutive years since 2016, we have had established new business contacts every year. We will continue to participate in the exhibition and look forward to working with other experts from both domestic and international markets."